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Visit the 3R Truck Service Shop at 4880 Fannett Road, Beaumont, Texas 77705

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24/7 roadside response

dpf cleaning service

Our highly-skilled service technicians treat your diesel particulate filter with care during the inspecting,  cleaning, and testing of your DPF. When you choose 3R Truck Service to clean your DPF, we will come to your location after hours and get your fleet in tip-top shape.


roadside repair

When you need roadside help, you need it ASAP. We have a fleet of repair response trucks to come to you in order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Need us late at night? We’re there. Need us on a Sunday afternoon? We’re there. Why pay money to get towed to a shop that’s going to take days or weeks to get your vehicle back in service? We take care of it all with our mobile repair and maintenance.

mobile Repair & maintenance

Do you need routine Preventative Maintenance or have a vehicle in your shop that’s just not acting right? We’ll come to you, determine the problem, and fix it the right way. Why transport a vehicle for maintenance or have a down vehicle towed when it could be fixed right at your property?

state inspections

Need your annual state vehicle inspection? 3R Truck Service can take care of that Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 4880 Fannett Road in Beaumont.


You have a flat? We’ll come to you, make the repair and you’ll be down the road and on your way. 

hydraulic hoses

Need a hydraulic hose today? We can do that. We’ll come to your site and fabricate the hydraulic hoses you need to get your vehicle back in the game.