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DPF Cleaning at 3R truck service

What is DPF cleaning?
DPF cleaning involves the use of aqueous cleaning technology and special chemicals to reduce soot emissions generated by your engine. Usually, your DPF removes soot automatically using passive regeneration. Our cleaning service removes the excess soot that is preventing regeneration from taking place. Once the clean has succeeded, the subsequent storage of soot should begin to disappear and regenerate naturally.

How does DPF cleaning work?
We inspect your diesel particulate filter to assess the extent of the problem. This includes a test to check the blockage level. We then use a sophisticated cleaning and drying procedure to remove the excess soot and ash. This includes use of special chemicals that won’t cause damage to any other components of your vehicle.

How long does DPF cleaning take?
A DPF clean can take as little as 20 minutes to complete.

How effective is DPF cleaning?
DPF cleaning is the most effective way to unblock your DPF filter and restore it to full working order.