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Visit the 3R Truck Service Shop at 4880 Fannett Road, Beaumont, Texas 77705


Edward Gariel

   Stumbled across this shop after our other shop left us hanging on the side of the road. From the initial contact all the through the end of the repair, this shop has been nothing but professional, communicative and nice. Their lead mechanic,

   Regan, is a good guy, knows what he is doing and actually figures out what your truck issue is instead of just throwing parts at it and hoping it works.

   If you need to get your truck worked on, go here! Happy to say they have our business from here on out.

Tyler Stewart

   3R is on top of it. They are very quick to respond and know how to do business. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

   Looking forward to working with them in the future.

   Highly recommended!

Brandon Hines

Review submitted in May 2022.

Dekendrick Andrews

   Worked on two trucks for us.

   Great results! Five thumbs up!

Rose Robbins

Review submitted in May 2022.